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6 things that you probably have at home, that you can donate to your local shelter!

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If one things for certain, shelters and rescues never stop needing donations from kind supporters in order to continue to provide care for abandoned, injured and forgotten pets. Some people aren’t sure how exactly they can help and others may not be able to financially afford to give much. So we put together a list of 10 things that you probably have at home, that you can donate to a rescue or shelter today!

  1. Folded Old Newspapers

While not so needed in rescue, shelters line cages with newspapers and are always in need of more.

  1. Blankets and Towels

These items are blown through so quickly in rescue and shelters and every pet deserves their own comfy blanket to sleep in.

  1. Heat wheat pillows

It can get pretty cold in shelters in the Winter months and heat wheat pillows provide comfort and warmth to the animals not yet able to go to a home they can call their own.

  1. Canned Foods

Stock up on canned food like tuna and vegetables and think you’ll never be able to get through it all? The needy animals at rescues and shelters will help!

  1. Bowls

Any size, shape, colour, it doesn’t matter! With so many animals needing to be fed in shelters across Australia, there is always a need for more bowls.

  1. Children’s Toys

If you don’t have a pet at home, you will find that dogs love toys of any kind and if your child no longer uses some of their plush toys or things that can be chewed by dogs, donate these to your local shelter! Just make sure there is nothing with a choking hazard…..


There is plenty more items that are inexpensive to buy that are very much needed by your local shelters and rescues. The smallest donations can make the biggest difference in the life of abandoned pets.

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