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Tips For Finding Your Lost Pet

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Recently we’ve seen so many amazing stories come out of the power of social media in finding our beloved pets when they either go walkabout or something more extreme happens to them. If you haven’t heard the story of Snoopy in the Greenbank/Logan area and how he is now happily back with his family, look him up on Facebook! A beautiful story and a lesson to us all in never giving up hope!

What you can do

1. Prevention

Preventing your pet from going missing is the best way to ensure they never will! This includes making sure you have secure fencing and they are unable to jump over or dig under the enclosure when you aren’t home to keep an eye on them. Having your pet micro-chipped is a must and registering your pet with the local council will allow them to identify him quickly if he ever ends up in their care.  Equipping your pet with a dog tag with your phone number (add 2 if you can!) is also a lifesaver and can save you a lot of money in pound fees if a good Samaritan picks up your pet.

2. If the worst happens


If you come home and god forbid your furry friend is not where you left him, check the surrounding streets and your neighbours first! Many pets have been found only a few houses down the road.


Post a recent picture of your pet on as many lost and found Facebook pages as you can! Ensure you leave your contact phone number and as much information about your pet as possible. At the same time, scour these pages for pictures of found dogs that may look like your pet, sometimes you might not even recognise him or her depending on the circumstances.

Get on the phone!

Call your local pounds and animal shelters. Call all of them, even if they aren’t that close to your area. You don’t know what has happened to your pet, you don’t know how far he may have gotten!

To find the contact numbers for your local pound, visit your local councils website.

Here are a few groups or pages that you may find helpful for you:

Queensland Lost Pets Register: https://www.facebook.com/Queenslandlostpets/?fref=ts

Lost Pet Finders Queensland: https://www.facebook.com/LostPetFindersQLD/?fref=ts

Lost and Found Pets Brisbane: https://www.facebook.com/LostAndFoundPetsBrisbane/

Your local buy, swap, sell pages can also be helpful.

And remember, prevention is key!

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